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Living In Henderson

Living & Working in Henderson

Henderson, Kentucky lies on the banks of the Ohio River in Western Kentucky. Henderson is rich in history and displays a healthy balance between preserving the best of the past and embracing the technological developments of the present and future.

The County of Henderson boasts a population of 45,000 and provides a healthy economy based upon manufacturing, agriculture, and mining. The Henderson County Public School System is one of the finest in the State of Kentucky and can be researched at

The Kentucky Community & Technical College located in Henderson is a two-year Associates Degree program which also provides a two-year Registered Nursing Degree. The college may be contacted at

A special feature of Henderson is its ideal geographic location. It is only a ten minute drive across the river from Evansville, Indiana which provides several four-year universities and technical schools, many "large city" shopping facilities, restaurants, and cultural events. Nashville, Tennessee is only a 2 hour drive south and Louisville, Kentucky a mere 2 hour drive northeast.

Cultural Events and Displays

Henderson is proud to host many cultural events and displays. One of Henderson's most famous citizens was John James Audubon and Henderson is home to not only the state park named in his honor but also to the John James Audubon Museum. The Park and Museum may be viewed by going to

The Henderson Fine Arts Center provides a new and fulfilling program of music and theatre performances each year. These programs can be reviewed at the Arts Alliance website at

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